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Help in the mission to save and promote a uniquely important American legacy.

Established in 2014, the mission of the OA+D Archives, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3), is to honor the past, celebrate the present, and encourage the future of creative organic architecture and design. We do this through education, conservation of original design materials, publications, and exhibitions.

Most recently, OA+D Archives has worked with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation to become stewards of the Taliesin Architects Collection, a singularly important record of American architectural practice from 1959 to 2002. This massive group of materials, consisting of approximately 60,000 architectural and design drawings, hundreds of boxes of project files, thousands of photographic images, and a group of extraordinary building models represents the continuum of organic design descending through the Taliesin Fellowship following the death of Frank Lloyd Wright.

Among the many organic architects, designers, and artists represented in the Taliesin Architects Collection are William Wesley Peters, John H. Howe, John de Koven Hill, Charles Montooth, John Rattenbury, Anthony Putnam, David Elgin Dodge, E. Thomas Casey, Cornelia Brierly Berndtson, Charles Schifner, Kamal Amin, Vernon D. Swaback, R. Joseph Fabris, Allen Lape Davison, Paul Wagner, John Ottenheimer, A. Louis Wiehle, Aubrey Banks, Arnold Roy, Kelly Oliver, and Stephen M. Nemtin. These materials were minimally inventoried before being transferred to our care and require detailed description, archival conservation, and digitization before they can be used efficiently by researchers.


After several years of intense efforts to save significant collections of historically important materials at risk of permanent loss, OA+D Archives has now undertaken the provision of a physical facility in which to house, conserve, describe, and digitize our holdings.

Your tax deductible financial support is critical to advance this essential step in the preservation of these historical records. The burden of monthly rent and utilities for our new premises, including nearby off-site climate controlled storage units, must be met. In addition, we need to purchase archival supplies and pay for a dedicated server to support our newly created online catalog. These costs are fundamental to preserving the vital approach to living architectural design represented in OA+D collections.

We ask for your support to sustain this legacy for the future.

People often have a misconception about the preservation of historical records, assuming someone will always be there to take care to conserve and protect them. Sadly, it may be true that often more is lost than is saved. History survives only if those who care about the past ensure the preservation of such materials. If you are moved by the story of personal and cultural freedom of expression in a beautiful built environment for a better life, then here is an opportunity to share that aspirational narrative with those who have yet to come. We hope you will share the journey by ongoing support of OA+D Archives.

Thank you for your consideration!