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VOL. 6 / NO. 1


80 pages :: Essays by Kathryn A. Smith and Donald G. Kalec

Frank Lloyd Wright and Taliesin, his residence and studio in southern Wisconsin, are famous in American architectural circles and are well known internationally as well. The same cannot be said for Henry Fuermann (1861-1949) or for his two sons, Clarence (1883-1982) and Leon (1886-1968). The name Fuermann is attributed to some of the most significant photographs of Wright buildings ever published. Especially Taliesin. Yet, almost nothing is known about who the photographers were and what was the background behind their work.

This landmark double-sized issue explores the life and work of the Fuermanns by identifying and reproducing in chronological order fifty-one photographs of Taliesin, all uncropped and some never-before-published. With essays uncovering new information about the photographers and their work by Kathryn A. Smith and Donald G. Kalec.

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